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Hi if any of you have any links that you want me wo put on the website please goto the contact page!


Super Search Engines One of the most visited hubs on the Internet! With over half a million sites!Plus Yahoo is also a game website! Google could be the best of them all!

FREAKY LINKS An amazing green day web site
stickdeath Little stick men fighting with games,vids etc. An amazing green day website!
My other website If you have a PS2 and need help on GTA Vice City then take a look!
Again a very good green day site

rockers and gamers This is my friends web site its quite good but hes only been workng on it for a week.
New Grounds This is an amazing web site for games!
Mattew`s website its a cool site so go on it!!!

FHM 100 top online games 100 fun online games(you must go on this one!)