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These are some of the green day song meanings more soon to come!

Green Day Dookie
BURN OUT : A song that Billie Joe usually introduces live by saying,"this song is about you!".

HAVING A BLAST : About a distressed person.

CHUMP : About Billie Joe hating this girl`s boyfriend who he has never met.

LONG VIEW : A story about a bum, sitting home all day and watching TV.

WELCOME TO PARADISE : The same song that was on kerplunk.

PULLING TEETH : About Mikes old girlfriend who injured him.

BASKET CASE : Some one who is paranoid and nervous.

SHE : The topic that Billie Joe listening to criticism.

SASSAFRAS ROOTS : about wasting your time.

WHEN I COME AROUND : The video is all about stalking.

COMMING CLEAN : About being a teenager and growing up.

EMENIUS SLEEPUS : About a friend ship turning bad (writen by mike).

IN THE END : About a girl only concerned with image.

F.O.D : About rage.

ALL BY MY SELF : About loneliness.

Green Day Warning
WARNING : About warnings and rules.

BLOOD SEX AND BOOZE : Kind of a funny song, stuff like dominated love slave.

CHURCH ON SUNDAY : About when Billie Joe kind of save his marriage after it was falling apart.

FASHION VICTIM : Just a song about fashion and stuff like that.

CASTAWAY : About being an outcast.

MISERY : About three people in the underground.

HOLD ON : About carrying on alone.

JACKASS : Wrote about someone self-centred.

WAITING : About having to wait a long time for someone.

MINORITY : About wanting to buy into and amarican fed-squad.

MACY`S DAY PARADE : About wanting something like hope in his life.