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Hello all Green Day fans!
Were is the Green Day post board?
If you want to post a message on the corkboard, and you cant find it.Then go straight to the contact page and scroll down.If you want to know any more about the corkboard please contact me at the contact page!
Billie Joe Says NO!
Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong among those not supporting President Bush's moves toward potential war with Iraq. The singer-guitarist is hoping to parlay his band's popularity into a petition expressing his opinion and the opinion of others like him.

Green Day have started an online petition against war in Iraq.Speaking in an audio message on the band's official website, singer Billie Joe Armstrong, has urged fans to sign the petition on fansite petition has so far attracted over 26987 signatures opposing military action against Iraq.

The petition that Billie Joe set up above is approaching 26,000 signatures and we are getting ready to forward it on to the President! Get those last minute signatures in before it's too late! So go to the bottom of the page and click on the link to sign the Green Day Petition!

Click Here To Sign The Green Day Petition!

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